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Company Information

Business description:

Dun and Bradstreet Philippines, Inc. is the successor to the former Receivable Integration Systems, Inc. (RISI), a receivables management company founded in 1998, and the sole associate of D&B in the Philippines.

It expanded operations in 2000 to include risk management, changing its name to PhilBizInfo, Inc.
On October 14, 2004, the company became Dun and Bradstreet Philippines, Inc., offering solutions for: risk management, sales and marketing, supply management, e-commerce, receivables management and credit bureau services www.dnb.com.ph


For Over 160 Years of Experience in Collecting from Multiple Sources and Enhancing Data Into the Quality Information that Drives Profitable Decisions.

Owns and maintains the world’s largest and most comprehensive database for the company to have the capacity to provide information on more than 100 Million Businesses in over 214 countries around the globe.

We are a partner of Dun and Bradstreet in New Jersey-the largest and oldest business information company in the world. We are composed of professional and entrepreneurial individuals with extensive experience in providing solutions to the information needs of various markets through the use of Information and the Latest Communication Technology.

The Success of These Business Decisions Depends Largely on the Quality of the Information
There Are Thousands of Sources of Data, It Is Challenging to Ensure That Your Decisions are Based on Quality Information
We Use Variety of Sources to Ensure Increased Accuracy, Completeness, Timeliness and Consistency to decide with confidence.

Technology- using Dun & Bradstreet’s OPAL Technology, a modular credit services system, we provide quality credit services by using international practices with proven global information technology to credit score debtors with its set of management tools, practices and procedures, whether dealing with consumers, commercial or cross border markets. No other company has our capacity to deliver consistent business information services around the globe.

Dun and Bradstreet is the globe’s leading provider of world class business to business information and solutions.

Dun and Bradstreet is a key player in providing risk management solutions for Business and Consumer Information and Receivables.

Risk Mangament Solutions

Services Offered

We help customers Manage Credit Exposure and Cash, as well as reduce bad debts through:

*D&B Report on Philippine Companies
*D&B Report covering 214 Countries
*Business Information Report-limit your risk of exposure and evaluate stability of the new or existing customer.

Sales and Marketing Solutions

We could help you Find Profitable Clients because our database can be tailored based on your specific market needs, enabling you to size and penetrate new or existing markets.

*Philippines Companies and Companies Operating Abroad
*Key Officers of more than 100 Million Companies Worldwide

Supply Management

Understanding when and how to reduce suppliers to increase your negotiating leverage and find significant savings
Uncovering Risk and Dependencies on suppliers to reduce exposure to
supplier failure

Company Type: Employer
Contact Person: Evelyn Guzman
Address: 4th Flr. Cargo Haus Bldg. Brgy. Vitalez Old MIA Road, NAIA Complex
City: Paranaque City
Postal Code: 1770
State/Province: -
Country: Philippines
Phone: 8794477
Fax: 7932158
E-mail: [ Leave A Message ] 
URL: http://www.dnb.com.ph
Registered from: 04/11/2009
Total Jobs posted: 0
Currently available: 0

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