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Company Information


MK Kitchen Equipments & Surplus Warehouse an importer, wholesaler, retailer and trading company. It was organized primarily to provide world class Brand New and Surplus professional Kitchen and Restaurant Equipment for clients who are absolutely quality conscious. MK is the Philippine's distributor of the most reliable and economical imported Stainless Steel Foodservice equipment in the industry. MK Kitchen Equipments & Surplus Warehouse entered in an agreement with Bogil Foods Corporation after a long search for the world leader in the field of stainless steel, kitchenwares, meat processing, bakery, hotel and restaurant equipments. MK introduced quality Food Service and Cooking Equipment to the Philippines on August 2004 with the vision to become the leader in the field of Stainless Steel Fabrication and Cooking equipments. With the technical expertise and support of Bogil Isla, Inc. It represents manufacturers mainly from Korea and also the USA, France, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Serving as a link between the country's leading manufacturers and global leaders.

We provide excellent quality of Brand new and surplus items for all types of clients. the company has earned the trust and confidence of clients all over the country.
It persistently pursues excellence and aims to provide the Filipino with continued advancement and reliability in the field of Stainless Steel Kitchen Fabrication and Kitchen Equipments.

Company Type: Employer
Contact Person: Ms. Kat
Address: Lot 1A-3 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City
City: Mandaluyong City
Postal Code: 1510
State/Province: -
Country: Philippines
Phone: 02-638-8815
Fax: 02-638-8812
E-mail: [ Leave A Message ] 
Registered from: 02/12/2008
Total Jobs posted: 1
Currently available: 0

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