Syarikat Sanland Paint Industries Sdn Bhd careers - We are an MS ISO certified paint manufacturing Company in Malaysia...

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Company Information

We are an MS ISO certified paint manufacturing Company in Malaysia. We have more than 30 years experience in the design, development and manufacturing of both solvent and water-base paint. Never compromising on quality, Sanland Paint employs state-of-the-art machinery, such as the Colorbank Computerized Tinting System (CTS), to produce millions of litres of world-class quality paint annually. Sancora Paints Marketing Sdn Bhd is responsible for the marketing and distribution of different types of decorative finishes, industrial coating, traffic paint as well as reputable accessories and equipment to complement the paint products.

Company: Syarikat Sanland Paint Industries Sdn Bhd
Company Type: Employer
Contact Person: Yin Thoh Liew
Address: Plot 52 & 53, Lorong Kilang 15, Tupai Light Industrial Area, Taiping, Perak
City: Perak
Postal Code: 34000
State/Province: -
Country: Malaysia
Phone: 605-8068777
Fax: 605-8074955
E-mail: [ Leave A Message ] 
Registered from: 03/12/2007
Total Jobs posted: 2
Currently available: 0

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