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Call center/Help Desk Jobs

Call center/Help Desk jobs,careers,employment opportunities

Date Position Company Expr Salary Location
16/07/2013 Junior Process Associate Innovature Technologies Unspecified Unspecified Coimbatore - India
28/06/2013 Call Center Agents Advanpoint Inc. 1 0.00 USD Clark, Pampanga - Philippines
25/06/2013 Excellent opening for the post of Tech Support in a Call center Skynet Technologies 1 Unspecified Jamnagar - India
12/06/2013 Openings for UK Inbound Voice Process..9176034818 SouthGiant Unspecified 180 USD Chennai - India
10/05/2013 Customer Service Representative Results Manila, Inc Unspecified Unspecified Pasig - Philippines
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